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All is not well in the Inhuman city of Attilan, located on the now-risen island of Atlantis. Despite the protective dome surrounding the great city as well as the impenetrable defenses, there is growing reason for concern. Humans crews are scouring the unoccupied portions of the island for their natural resources and Portuguese militias inch their tanks and soldier ever closer to Attilan's outer protective barrier.

The Inhuman leader, Black Bolt is also acting out of character. Medusa, who has always been able to read the intention of every glance, every gesture, and every posture, knowing exactly what her husband is thinking can no longer read him. Karnak also remarks to Gorgon that he is unnerved that regardless of how long he has known their king and leader, he cannot spot a single flaw. It is his power to read the flaws in everything for every fortress no matter how impenetrable, every person friend or foe has a flaw, some crack in the armor that can be exploited. Black Bolt continues to show no such weakness.

Black Bolt's imprisoned brother Maximus the Mad also continues to cause turmoil. Maximus taunts his brother for having destroyed their parents as well as a portion of the city during the onset of his powers. Maximus has attempted to take control of his brother's position and power many times before, and remains Black Bolt's weight to bear.

Winds of change are beginning to blow, allies among the royal family begin to bicker and argue more than normal. With human troops and crews just outside the Inhuman's gate, what will happen next?

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