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 Dr. Fell reveals the Inhuman Torch to the Mad Thinker.
Not to be confused with Kristoff Vernard, who goes by the name "Inhuman Torch" as a member of the House of M Universe's Fantastic Four. He was created using a variant of cells harvested from Professor Horton's experimental cells. Called Horton-Type Cells these cells imitate life but are composed of a synthetic plastic compound. 
With Jim Hammond's Horton-Type cells breaking down in his body he and Toro ventured to New Berlin to avenge Toro 's mother's death at the hands of Herr Sigmund Fell, a Nazi, and his Nazi machine creations.
Fell's subjects believe that they won World War II and the Reich is stronger than ever. Inside New Berlin, Fell encourages dissent among his subjects and then recycles the unknowing androids for scraps.
Fell recruits fellow Horton Cell specialist, The Mad Thinker, to perfect his Inhuman Torch experiment.
His purpose as he states is as a weapon, used to burn. 


The Inhuman Torch was created by Mike Carey and Patrick Berkenkotter in 2010 and first appeared in The Torch # 6.

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