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Ingrid is a Cathar in Innistrad, like her father and his father. Ingrid's father Hermann still disapproves of her actions, and the two have had many heated arguments over her choose to be a protector.


Ingrid was created by Matt Forbeck for his Magic the Gathering Series.

Major Story Arc

Magic the Gathering

When Dack Fayden arrives in Innistrad his first act is to save Ingrid and some peasants from Baron Eckhart and his group of vampires. Ingrid quickly returns to favor by saving Dack from the Baron. She takes Dack home to meet her father, Hermann who disapproves of her actions. Both her father and Dack forbid her to fallow Dack on his quest to find the Baron and Sifa Grent, but she disobeys them both.

When she finds Dack he is tracking the Baron using magic. Ingrid is impressed and helps lead him to the Baron's castle. There the two fight a group of vampires and Dack uses his magic to capture the Baron. Dack is about to kill Baron but needs to ride off to save the towns folk from Sifa. He leaves the Baron's fate in Ingrid's hands.

It is unclear what Ingrid did to the Baron, but she later gets a bunch of Cathars together to save Dack and the town from Sifa. When Sifa escapes Ingrid demands to go with Dack but because he planeswalks away she can not fallow this time.

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