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The comic book starts with the Teen Titans and Infinity Inc going into battle. The monster is consuming the city around them and the heroes are on the defensive. The monster eats through the clothes of the heroes who are warned not to allow it touch it. The two teams are battling to get to Raven in order to help her and the family that she is protecting Obsidian is capable of reaching her and Jade help the family away. In the battle both of the Infinity Inc and Teen Titans are incapable of producing harm to the monster. 
Obsidian takes Raven and brings her to the Titan Tower to relax after being drained. Cyborg throws them a piece of the monster that they chipped away. As Obsidian and Raven get to the Titan tower they have a conversation leaving their team mates to fight the monster. The piece turns out to be not from this planet. As they began to lose hope they make the break through. As they return back to the fight they explain to their team mates what they know. 
The two teams not wasting time began a massive process. Nuklon and Cyborg draw what the device should be. Changeling(Beast Boy) flies to find a power device for Jade to use. The Magnetic impulse device destroys the minerals which create the monster. As the creature breaks down into the lowly form of the Ultra Humanite we are treated to a nice splash page of all the bodies that the Ultra-Humanite has taken. His greatest desire was to be human and he would never be human. 
Following the take down of Ultra Humanite monster form both teams enjoy a bbq. Jade refuses to go out with Beast Boy admitting she still loves Brainwave Jr. Obsidian and Raven share a tender moment and the issue ends.

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