What is the Infinity Sword?

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I was reading an article about the Avengers movie coming up and it says that the movie will introduce the Inifity guantlet, Infinity sword, and the cosmic cube. 
I have never heard of the infinity sword and was wondering if someone could fill me in please. 
Also can someone please put the following items in order of most powerful to least powerful and kind of explain what they do? 
Infinity guantlet 
Cosmic Cube 
Power Cosmic 
Infinity Sword 
Mandarin rings

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I Don't Know About The Infinity Sword.

  1. Infinity Gauntlet
  2. Power Cosmic
  3. Cosmic Cube
  4. Mandarin Rings
Again, I Don't Know About The Infinity Sword.
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@DEGRAAF: What Avengers movie talk about the Infinity Sword?
#4 Posted by Theworldbreaker (1678 posts) - - Show Bio

What?! AWSOME! the infinity gauntlet will be in the avengers movie? but will their be thanos? what ever this movie already gets a 10 out of 10 from me!! 
and i think the infintiy sword orginated from that gay Super hero sqaud show...i dont think it was ever made in te comics.
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Maybe they mean the Twilight Sword?

#6 Posted by DEGRAAF (8342 posts) - - Show Bio
@Leliel said:
" @DEGRAAF: What Avengers movie talk about the Infinity Sword?"

The live action movie has been said to show or atleast mention an infinity sword. Do you know what it is or what it can do?
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@DEGRAAF: Now I Remember. Watch Super Hero Squad. It Solves Everything.
#8 Posted by DEGRAAF (8342 posts) - - Show Bio
lol i dont have time to watch the Supe Hero Squad series, how you been watching it?
#9 Posted by jimmyziogas (98 posts) - - Show Bio

its definitely from shss

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The Infinity Sword is a creation for the Super Hero Squad cartoon, now within your ranking

  1. Infinity Gauntlet
  2. Cosmic Cube
  3. Power Cosmic
  4. Infinity Sword
  5. Mandarin Rings
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I dont know but Super Hero Squad is loosely based around the S.H.I.E.L.D vs Dr. Doom plot where once upon a time Iron Man thwarts Dooms plan by destroying the inifinity sword which breaks into fractals which they are left to collect. As the story progresses, Doom makes an incomplete version of the sword and calls it the inifinity dagger which possess the ability to demolecularize anything that touches the beam projected from the dagger. Doom uses the power he drains from SIlver Surfer to bind the fractals into the dagger which once again gets broken by Silver Surfer who after being broken out by Hulk and the Thing returns to destroy the dagger. Doom is left with a single fractal.

I think it would be safe to assume tthe sword is more of a destroyer than the near infinite capacity of the guantlet where the sword exchibits capabilities relating to destroying planets, galaxies, universe, multiverse or even life itself.


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