Infinity Gauntlet saga had no villain

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I usually read about Thanos being the "bad guy" during the Inf. gems saga and i've made this point clear in the past before: who says that, obviously missed the point of the story. There were no bad guys!
See it this way: What is a rich guy? You can answer "a guy who has a million bucks", but that definition is incomplete. It should be "a guy who has a million bucks... while others don't".  We all want to be rich, but we forget that what we truly desire is power over others. When a rich guy has dinner at a fancy restaurant, enjoying himself, he knows the waiter who serves him is only there because he needs the cash (if he didn't, he would tell the rich guy to get HIS OWN dinner). So, Thanos really wanted to have more power than the rest, just the same, and the "heroes" who fought him, at some point, realised they no longer were fighting because that believed Thanos was evil, but because each one wanted the gems for himself...

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I think killing half the universe makes you a 'bad guy.'

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Side note: the moral of this is NOT: Thanos wanted the gems so he could have dinner at a fancy restaurant... :)

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@jloneblackheart said:
" I think killing half the universe makes you a 'bad guy.' "
That was not Thanos idea, it was Death's plan and witha  simple reason: overpopulation! Wich is funny, because that's exactly what is happening down here: starvation or death, for all, very soon...  Too many people sitting at one table.
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I'm sure Thanos would love to have dinner at a fancy restaurant with Death.

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@jloneblackheart said:
" I'm sure Thanos would love to have dinner at a fancy restaurant with Death. "
Well, he couldn't get that EVEN with the gems. Chicks these days... who can impress them anymore?
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 and if you read how he acquired the gems that was not nice eather.
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That's because even Death realized how villainous Thanos was and how dangerous he was with the IG. He was most definitely a bad guy. Whether overpopulation was a problem or not, you can't just kill people to solve your problems. Plus, Thanos had other selfish motives besides power. He wanted the love of Death (which he could never get). He killed half the universe and plenty of Earth's heroes with a smile on his face. That sounds like the definition of a bad guy to me.

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If i remember correctly, he tricked Death...

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 Thanos was resurrected by Death to kill half the universe. If anything, she tricked him. She allowed him to use the Infinity Well and collect the Infinity Gems. Once he became omnipotent, he built her a massive shrine so they could rule the universe together. She still refused him, so Thanos created Terraxia in an attempt to make her jealous. It did not work. All the cosmic beings finally attacked Thanos. When they did, Death joined in the attack.

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So, when "God" decides to let a plane crash down and kill 500 people is he a bastard???
Everybody is "Life's" advocat these days, but let me tell you something about life: it has no rights, never did, never will...  The Universe is not about "Life", this whole thing did not start with "Life" and the fact that it even come to exist was already a bonus (shouldn't push it). There's no univerwsal law, written in stone, saying that Life is the most important thing in existence. That's just OUR definition because it suits us.

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Thanos isnt god... So comparing acts of God to a fiction comic book character is ridiculous
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Some people that do believe in God may consider God a 'bastard' and even lose faith if that were to happen to a loved one.  That's all point of view, because many have a different belief in god, some have stronger faiths than others, even of the same religion. I'd rather not get into any religious discussion, but having the power of a god doesn't not necessarily mean you are a god, depending on how you define god (most would define it based on their own religion).
I can agree with your thoughts on life. But to us humans, life is an important and miraculous thing. It's our definition, because there are no other definitions. Our emotions set us apart from everything else we know. So, to your average sane person, life is important. Life may not be the most important thing in existence, but it is to us. 
With that being said, I still consider Thanos the villain of the Infinity Gauntlet. Personally, I like him better when he leans more toward the side of good, such as during the Infinity War and Crusade.

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But still, you misread my point... (i  din't exactly called Thanos a hero) but i chose not to call him a villain, so i wouldn't have to call all the others the same. I called it "normal nature", the same thing that makes us wanna be rich, still knowing that many have to be poor so we can afford to fatten our pockets. Thanos might be the villain, ok, but what do you call a bunch of "heroes" who end fighting among them to collect the gems?  All i really said is that the saga calls for no definition of villain and hero.

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So? There's a difference between being evil and being the antagonist. One does not necessarily imply the other. Thanos was the antagonist of the story, does that necessitate him being the incarnation of the devil? No. There are plenty of stories where villains have altruistic motives, but they're still the villains.

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@loveNwar:  Don't forget Thanos allows himself to be defeated because in his subconscious mind he felt he was unworthy to weild the power. He wanted the gem not for more power but to be an equal to lady death.

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