.Have the Infinity Gems a Physical Human Form?

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This is more General Marvel  U jabber. With werid stuff happening like with Rulk and the Loebforce around do you think the Infinity Gems have come to life in a physical representation 

Warping Reality = Sentry  (gets owned by anyone then suddenly he's like Galactus, he brought his wife back from the dead, mind wiped Earth, the Void stuff, beat Molecule Man etc)
Time, Speed, Space = that girl from the Xmen, the new stardust herald, the new Marvel?
Ok I'm a bit lost here

 Time = Ironman 2020
Telepathy  = Malice
Soul = Magus
Power = What else can explain the Loeb Force beating Watcher and an Elder like Grandmaster?
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I'm sorry, but this looks like the DC Lantern Rings, Marvel style xD

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@War Killer: Except the Infinity Gems have been around alot longer then all but the Green Lantern Corp.
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@Nova`Prime` said:
" @War Killer: Except the Infinity Gems have been around alot longer then all but the Green Lantern Corp. "
It was just a bad joke dude... :(
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Goblin chucking the reality gem

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@Casket:  That's not an infinity gem. Its a repulsor.
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@Nobody said:
" @Casket:  That's not an infinity gem. Its a repulsor. "

LoL I was gonna say, that don't look like a RG, more like a disk, or repuslor, as Nobody put it.  And yes, the Gems do have a physical form, when the seventh gem (ego gem)  is added, to make the being it once was, Nemisis. 


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@bumnut: That pretty epic back then I do miss Nemesis and how she was never taken that serious
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Interesting Idea.

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What is required reading regarding the Infinity Gems? I have read Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, Warlock Chronicles #1, and Silver Surfer #1-18. My to read list consists of Infinity, New Avengers: Illuminati, Thanos Imperative, Marvel Universe: The End. Is there anything else that I should have on my to read list?

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@ericthomasanderson: Required reading as far as I am concerned would be Thanos Quest, Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War & Warlock and the Infinity Watch (which has a lot of information about the powers and abilities of the gems). Any crossover books to those events could prove informative as well, including Warlock Chronicles.

Every time I see the gems used in the Avengers books, they often forget the source materials and those particular events, so they are often inconsistent. Thanos Imperative had nothing to do with the gems but is worth the read. Infinity isn't focused on the gems either, but I will say "yet." All but one of the gems were destroyed in the New Avengers, but Thanos is seeking them.


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