dark_noldor's Infinite Crisis #7 - Finale review

Heroes Reunited

What you should know - It´s the last chapter of the Infinite Crisis saga and a lot has happened: Superman, Batman and Wonder Womand got their spirit back together, lots of parallel earths got reunited back as one, some heroes has fallen Superboy, Nightwing), some villains has died, and the Alexander Luthor's plan has failed.
The closure - I´d really liked this issue 'cause has good action, like the villains' siege, the heroes in pursuit of Superboy Prime (who´s gone totally mad), and because has set a brighter day in the heroes' lives and of course because of the Alexander Luthor final payback (I´m not telling, 'cause I think it´s the highlight of the saga, seriously it´s amazing). The only thing that I though it was corny and unnecessary was the "brawl" (lastet two seconds) with Doomsdsay against the Supermen, didn´t like it.
Why this series was super - Great art from Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reis, Jerry Ordway and George Pérez, great dialogues and a consistent narrative from Geoff Johns is the secret of the sucess thies series Infinite Crisis was and I´ve always been fond to the narrative point/idea of trying to do good deeds with the best intentions but doing it all wrong, and that´s exactly what this book is all about: trying to change the world, with the best intentions, but in a way that´s not ethical and correct. Kal-L doing it fblindly for love, Superboy Prime doing for selfish and ego (he wants to be the only super heroe), Alexander Luthor doing to prove himself he was different from his father, just to realize they are the same. This series is worth reading...for those who hasn´t, I recommend it.
5 out 5 Joker's Laughter
Posted by arrowfan237

I found this issue as a great way to end the story arc. I love it how they keep you in suspense of what Superman Prime will do next.
Posted by supermandefender

Perfect way to end the infinite crisis. I loved it! 

Everytime I see Superman knock Prime out after everything he did and tell him. Its about what you do....its about action. It gives me chills. Classic and unforgettable moment in the DCU. This is problly one of the 10 top best comic book moments of all time!

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