dark_noldor's Infinite Crisis #5 - Faith review

Rebirth of the Multiverse

The story  - Superman from Earth 2 in an atempt to prevent Lois Lane from dying, blindly trusts Alexander Luthor in a plot to bring back Earth 2, and he strongly believes that Earth 1 is the root of all evil, since the heroes aren´t doing nothing about the collapse of the world.
The Rebirth of the Multiverse - so Alexander Luthor really did it, he "gave birth" of the Multiverse again, but that didn´s save Lois, what makes Kal-L a little sad and mad, but Lex Luthor from Earth 1 isn´t allowing his counterpar's plan to go so smoothly. 
The Good - the great art of Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez and Jerry Ordway gives life to an another extraordinary issue of this epic tale from Geoff Johns and there are good scenes like the battle between the two Supermen, the encounter of the two Wonder Women, and the return of the parallel earths.
The Bad - for me this issue was really slow, I have missed the action of the previous issues, it didn´t excited me as much as the others.
4 out 5 Parallel Earths
Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.    

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