dark_noldor's Infinite Crisis #4 - Homecoming review

War changes bluntly

Uowww...definitly it´s the right term to put things in perspective as I´ve started reading this issue: great action scenes with Superboy Prime fighting Superboy from Earth 1, killing some members of the Teen Titans and Justice Society, just moments before been thrown into the speed force by a bunch of Flashes. The story about Luthor´s plans gets more interesting and we can see how Kal-L is being  totally manipulated by him, whom has total control of the situation: he plans to unite all the possible earths into one, and to do so he will use the Anti Monitor corpse to canalize the positive energy of the heroes hijacked, meaning reverse the final result of Infinite Earth Crisis (drawn by George Pérez). There was a moment in the narrative that I´ve though: "Come on, how could Luthor do all this stuff - recover the Anti-Monitor body, build a lab for himself , leaving the haven- without Kal-L ever getting a little suspicious? What a flaw in the script"; but Geoff Johns is an excellent writer and even this detail he got covered, what proves that every little thing in this epic arc is well developed. I liked also the Spectre, the Heroes in the universe, the Batman with Nightwing parts and the whole art is fabulous: Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reis and George Pérez, what a powerful trio. 5 out 5 Krypto bites

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Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.    

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