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I said it before

 A Price of Battle
Well, there is not much I can say about this book that I didn't already say in the first issue.
The story is great.  The art is great.  This is shaping up to be a better story than the original Crisis of Infinite Earths.   There is little in this book not to like.  I even like the development of Superboy-Prime.  It is unfortunate that he sucks so bad now as a character.  There is so much to like about the book and this series.  There is only really one flaw.
Superhero deaths.  I am saddened at the trivial way superheroes are dispatched here.  I'm not sure but I counted at least four superhero deaths in this book.  Now, I am not in anyway against the death in a story it is just the trivializing that bothers me.  These are heroes that people love.  I am not a big fan of these particular characters. Hell, I didn't even know one of them but I do know some had been around a long time and there were snuffed out without so much as a line of dialogue.  
 Who Dies...Hmmm.
Let me tell you all how this works most of the time.  The  writers want to kill off some heroes to show the powerfulness or ruthlessness of a character.  So, they ask the powers to be who can be thrown on the alter this time.  Then those same powers that be select the unfortunate characters like one might select a lobster in a tank.  Mmmmm this one looks good.  This is way too cheep.
I can not argue Geoff Johns is a tremendous writer but he yanks fans hearts out with the deaths of their favorite characters in an insulting way.  I find this ironic when he is the one that brought back Hal and Flash.  The difference is at least their deaths were dramatic and meant something.  Sure, Hal became evil before he died but at least his death had substance.
Superheroes are not cannon fodder.  For that matter neither are long standing villains.  The fans who only like the DC characters who were created in the 1930's and 1940's (and their spin offs) and not not care about the others are either ignorant or poor fans.  DC is full of great characters.  Read them.  Enjoy them.  Just be careful.  If you fall in love with them they may get sacrificed on the alter of poor character development.
Posted by Silkcuts

another great review buddy!

Posted by jrh7925

Could not agree more. It always saddens me when characters I really liked, especially ones who starred in a short-lived series or mini that had a lot of character development, are killed off in one panel.

Posted by Icemizer

Better than the original Crisis? No I am afraid not. Best crossover since then? Yes decidedly so. I have no problem with the deaths of heroes reguardless of their long standing in the DC Universe. Just like real life you never know when its your time. Of course if the general readers yell loud enough the character will probably be brought back in some form.
Posted by Liberty
@Icemizer:   Thank you for your comment.  I can see people liking the first Crisis better.  My was geard to at this point in the story line it better than the first Crisis.  It took a while for that series to pick up steam.  As to your second point I said 

Now, I am not in anyway against the death in a story it is just the trivializing that bothers me.

You see this is a story.  I might get killed by a car as I cross the street to pick up my mail but that does not make a good story.  When you are dealing with Superheroes it is Anticlimactic.  If Batman was killed by a falling iceicle getting the newspaper one morning it would be a lame ending to a great hero.  It may be more realistic but we are talking about superpowerd beings who can shoot heat from their eyes.  I am not reading these books because they parallel my life.  I am reading them for a good story.  I hope this explains myself better.  I am really glad to get feedback.  Thank You.
Posted by Amegashita

  Great review, and your very last paragraph explains all the reason's why I'm not reading DC right now.  Being a Captain Marvel fan and all >.>

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