dark_noldor's Infinite Crisis #3 - Divine Intervention review

Lex Luthor is always Less Trusty (Spoiler)

Geoff Johns can really create the atmosphere for mistery and suspense, slowly putting the pieces of the jigsaw together and showing the real story behind Crisis: redemption, hope, love and treason. The way Kal-L leans towards Lois Lane as the only thing pure that ever walked on Earth (at least on Earth 2 and now she is dying), the same mesmerizing feeling that takes control of Power Girl, is the argument that Superman uses to try convincing Batman that Earth 2 was better and it should come back to replace Earth 1, but Bruce Wayne, after watching his invention - the Brother Eye - destroy Paradise Land and learning that Dick wasn´t such a nice fella in Earth 2 hasn´t quite give it up yet on the folks back home. The heroes on space are still trying to figure out the source of the unbalance of the universe and back on Earth Spectre is putting the house down (at least for the Atlanteans) as well the Lex Luthor plans are finally revealed and it´s quite a shock: Alexander Luthor is the mastermind behind the Society of Super Villains, in cahoots with Superman Prime, and has in his posession the body of the Anti Monitor. This issue, to be honest, begun a little slow for me: Atlantis been atacked, Aquaman with the spear, Paradise Island been atacked by the O.M.A.C, but when Batman received a visit from Kal-L, and Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash start to take a position in this total mess as well the brawl between the baldies (Lex and Lex/Alexander), I gotta say it felt just right. I like very much Jimenez's art, he can draw details, scenarios and characters in movement very well, and the colors are fantastic. 5 out 5 Creepy Lex Luthors

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Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.    

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