dark_noldor's Infinite Crisis #2 - The Survivors review

Multiverse is all wrong

W - Geoff Johns; P - Phil Jimenez (with the help of  George Perez & Jerry Ordway; I - Andy Lanning and others
Kar-L, the Superman of Earth 2, saves Power Girl form the clutches of the Super Villain Society, that has Lex Luthor as leader (and yes, he has a plan for evil doing) and talks to her about the darkness and corruption of Earth 1. The story is very amusing, as Johns can pick up pieces from the Infinite Earth Crisis as well creates a narrative from different angles: the Animal Man trying to discover what happened to the JLA, the secret agenda of Luthor's Villain Society, Superman getting his will back, the Amazons getting attacked by O.M.A.C, the Joker going wild and Batman playing the detective. A very good and impressive issue, that conects the past of DCU with the present and future and filling possible gaps. 5 out 5 Multiple Earths

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Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.    

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