dark_noldor's Infinite Crisis #1 - Infinite Crisis review

Rumbling DCU

Infinite Crisis # 1 - W Geoff Johns, P - Phill Jimenez, I - Andy  Lanning
Earth is dying and when the greatest super-heroes of DCU can´t work together, all hell breaks loose. This issues has all the elements that a good story arc is supposed to: great dialogues (the members of Freedom Fighters just before getting their ass kicked; the tension between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, due to the latest events/Diana murdering Maxwel Lord), a pretty good narrative (how Johns put together a vast set of stories: the death of the Wizard by the Spectre, all the trouble in Metropolis and Gotham, the old Superman watching all happening and making a decision, the Rann-Thanagar War) and, last but not least, the awesome art of Phill Jimenez (the dark sky filled with OMAC, the Polaris Galaxy scente, the scene where Shazam drops almost as dead, the fight with Mongul against Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, as the fight between the Freedom Fighters and the Legion of Villains), also the good inks of Andy Lanning and excelent colors by Jeromy Cox and Guy Major. It´s a very impressive issue, dignfy to jump start the mega series DC though and planned for their universe.

Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.    

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