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I hated giving four stars

 The End
I hated giving four stars for this book because so many characters die poorly.  That said this book was awesome and when I would usually grade low on a death book like this I couldn't help but love it.  The art was great and the story was great and the concept was great it just had a couple flaws that take away from my enjoyment of a book like this.
First let me start with the arguing DC Trinity.  They bicker like kids while the Freedom Fighters get stomped hard on a mission they would normally oversee.  This did not make any of the big three look good at all.  Mongul calls them pathetic here and he was right.  So, the Freedom Fighters get pounded by an ambush and three of the team are quickly killed.  This was bunk.
 Fighting in the Shade
You see two of the characters should have been able to avoid or at the very least prolong their deaths.  In this story they go out like punks even though on an average day they would have been victorious.  The story needed a cost so they were put on the pyre.  Now let me be very clear.  It is not their deaths that bother me it is how they died.
The team that beat them could beat them I have no argument with that but the ease and convenience of it was the problem.  No superhero or major villain should go out in such a way.  When a hero or villain dies in a story it has to be for something or it is anticlimactic.  It can't be because the story needs someone to die.  That is a lousy reason.  When ever one of these characters die there is a fan base that is hurt by it.  At least have the decency of giving the character a noble or worthwhile death.  Don't just snuff them.   You could show the plot needed to take them out or show them struggle against the odds and almost make it.  One character is simply shot by a charter that was unseen.  This is no way for a hero to die.
Now I know that more often than not death has no meaning in the real world but I do not read comics because they parallel my life.  I read them for good story telling an that is what I want.  Lastly I want to close on a character that is killed.  Phantom Lady is killed by a sword passing into her chest.  I would like to quote the Dead Pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride when he says. 

There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours!

The deaths were a waste.
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Posted by Silkcuts

great review.
See that is what I mean about you reviews.  You point out how quickly paced comics are now. 
My issues with John's Crisis is different.  My was that it undid the Original Crisis on Infinite Earths. It opened up what the first crisis was suppose to close.
Your dead on that deaths should have a point and deaths should be noble for heroes.  But the general comic fan is more about the popular characters and see guys like the Freedom Fighters are canon fodder. That is how John's became such a huge name. He took guys already popular and made them cooler from the expense of characters most people don't read anyway.
I am not saying Johns is not a good writer.  He is a great writer.  Superhero-wise I love the guy. But that is all he has shown me so far, good Superhero writing.  He has yet to take a a character without already a positive fan base and really make me love him.
Some will argue Hal, but Hal has been around forever.  Barry as well.  If he can take a character like Ragman and make him Huge, then I'll admit Johns is the top writer in DC has.  But he can't. 

Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

Nice Work dude I usually really like stories when heroes die cause usually there pretty good but when characters get killed in the way you describe it's a waste

Posted by B'Town

I want this Sketch cover! I'm a dork for Variants with WW front and center.

I'm never a fan of killing our heroes. That being said, it does need to be meaningful and there must be a great battle or cause, to die for.

Thanks for the review.

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