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The Infinite Avengers Mansion was created to be the headquarters of Hank Pym's Mighty Avengers. It was created by Pym from the ever expanding body of his ex-wife Janet Van Dyne and is located in a pocket dimension. It features millions of floors, each with an infinite amount of doors leading to everything the team will need and different locations on Earth. Jocasta serves as the mainframe and guide of the base, with an infinite number of bodies throughout the mansion to assist any who need it. The mansion is also adorned with portraits of past and current Avengers.

After a trip to the Kree Empire the Infinite Mansion was infiltrated by the evil robot Ultron who took control of Jocasta and controlled the entire mansion. It turned out that Hank Pym had planned to preserve Janet within Jocasta, a plan which Ultron upset. Hank eventually gained the upperhand and tricked Ultron into exiling himself to space with only one of Jocasta's duplicate forms. After the Siege of Asgard and the beginning of the Heroic Age Hank Pym has turned the Infinite Avengers Mansion into the home of the Avengers Academy. The purpose is to train some of the young super-humans who have been damaged the most by Osborn's Dark Reign. They later relocated to West Coast Avengers Compound after Fear Itself when Titania and Absorbing Man ruined the mansion.

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