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Age of apocalypse - Earth 295 
For years after the arrival of Apocalypse, humans and mutants has been seeking somewhere to hide. This place took form on the heavenly Avalon, a place to live in harmony without the worries of the genetic war. Directed by Destiny, a powerful mutant with clairvoyance powers, and her son Doug, with the ability of handle of all kind of languages. This haven prove to be a safe homeland to mutants and humans alike.
The path to reach Avalon is barely known for most people, all that they know for sure is its harshness and secrecy. 
First stage - Ghost Dance - John Proudstar became the spiritual leader of an anti-Apocalypse religous cult, he permitted safe passage to Infernal Gallop to trustworthy survivors. 
Ghost Dance
When Nightcrawler tried to get entrance to the Infernal Gallop, Proudstar stopped him and questioned about his mother´s real intentions, Nightcrawler enraged chopped off one of his fingers using his teleportation, forcing Proudstar to give him access to the Gallop. Later the Madri, servants of Apocalypse, reached and attacked Ghost Dance killing all members of the cult, including Proudstar. They were betrayed by Danielle Moonstar a sadistic cover agent of Apocalypse.

Second stage - Atlantic Ocean - The people admitted must crossed the ocean to Antartica paying expensive tariff. Mystique was working on the Infernal Gallop as a Ferrywoman. But her actions got her to believe that she was not worthy to enter Avalon.  Thousands of people died trying to pass the ocean. This stage was one of the hardest on the journey, since the passangers must face countles threats, as pirates (Callisto), hunger and diseases.
Underground river
Third stage - Cain - When the passsangers were able to reach Antartica, they must cross an underground river guided by a cloaked ferryman and finally received by a massive monk (Cain) who guided them through a long road. At the end of the road was the promised land. 

Fourth stage - Avalon - After having crossed many hardships the survivors were few, but the people that made it were welcomed in Avalon by Destiny in person.

Members: John Proudstar, Mystique, Cain, Destiny and her son Dough Ramsey. 

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