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The true identity of Infamnia is a woman named Gina Morris who used to be an employee at Halstead Labs. Morris discovered she had cancer and asked her boss, Everett Halstead to help her. Morris needed treatments more drastic than conventional medicine would ethically allow and Halstead agreed to help. They had removed the sections of her body that was infected by the cancer and replaced them with bio-technical appliances. The operation was a physical success but Morris started to deteriorate mentally because her mind did not take well to the metabolic circuitry. Morris started to get paranoid and convinced that Halstead wanted to harm her. Morris would outfit herself with these special gauntlets equipped with numerous mechanical tentacles originally meant for farming and dubbed herself Infamnia. 
A fire takes place at Halstead Labs which attracts the attention of Daredevil. Everett Halstead was still inside the burning building to help an employee trapped inside. Daredevil helped Everett and the other employee escape before the building exploded. Everett Halstead was not only the owner of Halstead Labs but he was also a third party candidate and wanted to become the next United States president. The Offices of Sharpe, Murdock and Nelson wanted Halstead as a client and he agreed to have a meeting with them. Murdock asked Halstead if their was a lead on the arson case with his lab and noticed his heart skipped a beat with his radar sense. Murdock wanted to keep an eye on Halstead especially at the big campaign rally at the Javitz Center. Infamnia would strike when Halstead took the stage and she wanted to kill the man that created her. Daredevil engaged Infamnia in combat but she managed to escape when she used her tentacles to topple a metal tower near some civilians. Daredevil went to Halstead's office and he told the man without fear how Infamnia was born. Halstead had another rally the next day when Infamnia struck from the crowd. Infamnia wanted Halstead to confess to his creation as she picked up the stage platform with her enhanced strength. Infamnia had Everett and Daredevil in her grasp when she flew to a nearby rooftop. Infamnia was so fixated on Halstead that her control over her tentacles began to weaken. Daredevil struck the space between the tiny segments of a tentacle with his billy club and the damage caused surged through Infamnia's body. The distraction allowed Halstead some space and he ordered a military chopper to shoot down Infamnia and Daredevil. Infamnia had recovered and she brought down the chopper with her tentacles. The chopper exploded and the building rooftop was set on fire. Infamnia grabbed Everett and threatened to throw him off the building. Daredevil was able to reason with Infamnia and tell her that Gina Morris is still human and was a person with heart underneath all the rage. Gina had regain her senses and let go of Everett. Daredevil escaped with Everett and told Gina to get off the burning building before the roof collapse. The roof collapsed but Daredevil went back into the building and rescued Infamnia. 
Infamnia would be listed as a potential recruit for the Fifty State Initiative program.  


Infamnia was created by Joe Kelly and Stephen Jones in 1996 and first appeared in Over The Edge # 10. 

Abilities & Paraphernalia

Infamnia has parts of her body replaced with bio-technical appliances and wears gauntlets equipped with numerous mechanical tentacles. These tentacles are fused to her body so if they are damaged then she would feel physical pain. The suit grants Infamnia enhanced strength and the ability to fly.

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