Thaddeus Thawne images

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Whats going on with him and sun girl and does any one have any images of him thats not already on this site?

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Oh and does Inertia have to keep taking V9 to be fast!

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You can find a few fan art pictures on but this is the only place I've found this many scans. Some times will have some but you have to be willing to shift though a lot of other stuff to find them.

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Inertia mainly shows up in Impulse.  Since hardly anybody from comicvine that adds content reads Impulse (hence why there is more information on this site about Bart's 13 issue career as the Flash than his 150ish issue career as Impulse), it doesn't surprise me that almost all of the pictures in the gallery are from Titans East and Rogues Revenge.

Its sad but...what can you do?

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The lack of "Impulse" style Inertia pic's is an error I plot to correct. Slowly but...eventually.

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