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Indra is Lord of the Fourth Heaven in the Doctor Fate series his position is threatened by Joachim Hess, who is attempting to complete 40 days and 40 nights in the Chilla-Nashini, or Circle Penance. Hess can't eat or sleep for this time. Through this process, Joachim, causes a disruption in the balance of all things and has Indra ready to do whatever it will take to keep his position.

At this point we learn that Indra has had the position of Lord of the Forth Heaven for some 25,000 years. He appears to be somewhat crazy (which may be partly because of what he endured to get his high position and mighty power).


Indra has power over the elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. and is served by 30,000 angels. He claims he is capable of anything. He was able to reassert himself after Deadman had taken over his body and when he throws him out, Deadman is the able to be seen by all around him. His powers can resist those of Dr Fate to some level, and yet not even he can break the barrier of magic that the Chilla-Nashini makes.

In the end Joachim is tricked into coming out of the circle by Deadman before Indra can sink the island of Manhattan. There by letting Indra keep his place in the Fourth Heaven

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