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India was  recruited by the FBI at the age of 16 and trained to be an assassin.  She was later transferred to V.I.C.E. and is their resident Sniper.  Beck states that while a Ferrokinetic she manipulates a rare metal known as Indium.  The feds only mined enough for 3 bullets (which he notes is 2 too many).  India is dating one of SWAT's puppets, a man known as Gordon who is already married.  She was in love with him but he dies during the Georgia Incident.  At Gordon's funeral Lane is jealous that Gordon's wife is presented the flag and states that she never knew about the relationship the two had.
During a mission in Texas Beck exhausts himself protecting a group of US Citizens that have possessed by ghosts.  India performs CPR and is able to revive him.  After becoming a hero religious and conservative groups petition for Beck's execution to be reinstated.  After running the number Sol concedes  and calls India to bring in Beck.  At this point in time India and Beck have become lovers and when Sol calls the two are in fact having sex.  India excuses herself, and while Beck thinks things over she returns with a rifle and arrests Beck.  Beck breaks free before his execution (which is to be carried out by India herself).  V.I.C.E. claim they are simply executing an escaped prisoner which enrages Beck as he thought they all had his back.  Beck takes out SWAT, the 10 Pins, Novo and convinces Lucky to give up and walk away.  India attacks Beck but her heart isn't in it as even though she doesn't say it proves her love for Beck by not killing him.
She urges Beck to run away, fast and far, which he does but not before telling her one last time that he loves her.

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