theacidskull's Indestructible Hulk #9 - Blind Rage: Part One review

It Takes Guts To Be Hulks Lawyer

indestructible hulk has been a very consistent series , it provides us with fun stories that are well executed. this week we get hulk teaming up with daredevil, and as always i am very excited, since , Mark waids characterization of banner has been amazing for me.

This is yet another stand alone story, in which Banner's "mystery insurance" is revealed. Mark waids focus here is on the relationship between bruce banner and matt murdock, and the concept is both hilarious and interesting if you ask me. While the idea of hulk having a lawyer is funny, the execution is is quite interesting. The feud between maria hill and bruce is also very intriguing, Maria, a complete control freak is put in charge of the most powerful being on earth ( strength), banner uses that to seriously annoy her, by breaking all shield regulation rules and such, and she always gets him back too. Mark waid balances the serious and comedic tone of the story really well, while some scenes make you laugh, it doesn't feel shoe-horned and forced, in fact, it feels natural. (There was a scene with Hulk and daredevil going in a bar, and i have to say that it made me very very happy to see something like this, will most probably make you laugh very hard).

I mentioned before that Power wise hulk was getting better, and it seems that Mark waid is getting the hang of it, last time hulk survived absolute zero, something he has never done before, this time around, he shrugs of thor-level ordinance.

Personality wise savage hulk seems to be developing, but we are not quite there yet. While i love the fact that mark makes it very clear that despite banners and hulks dislike for one another, they are still connected and that Banners emotions and feelings are translated into the hulk, however, there was a scene that really bothered me. Hulk almost committed murder, sure he was angry and wasn't thinking straight , but hulk doesn't flat out kill people, if his threat is immobilized, he won't continue on . he has killed before, but he won't do it if there is another way around it. Also mark seems to get the impression that hulk is just stupid, or at least daredevil thinks so, and while this annoyed me greatly, it was showed further into the issue that hulk could speak just fine, in the third person though, but he still wasn't dumb, so maybe mark hints that while hulk isn't stupid, everyone else seems to think so, which is still annoying a bit. However since this is still too early to judge, and mark seems to be developing the characters well, maybe this is all for a reason, and he seems to pay attention to fans, and critics, so i can safely say that mark waids indestructible will be even cooler in the future, even though it is brilliant now. What I'm trying to say is that Waids Banner is Brilliant, But Hulk is rusty.

As for the art, i was skeptical about it, but matteo really did deliver and awesome experience. Despite some odd facial expressions , the greatest highlight of the art was the fact that it got you invested in the story and the action that was taking place. If you pay attention to the fight scenes you'll notice a certain aura of rough coloring around the characters, this might sound bad but in reality it's amazing because it's gets you invested in the action sequences, and it gives you a good idea on how chaotic the situation might be. This can be clearly seen in the greatest artistic section of the Story, When hulk is tying to shrug of the sonic gun, you can feel and see the force that is forcing him to slide backwards, and watching hulk fight through it is an amazing sight to be hold. The Character designs are superb as well, Matteo's hulk seems brutish and beastly, which is exactly how it should be, while daredevils physique and costume compliment the more martial artist/ninja aspect of his character.

It's safe to say that this has been an awesome issue, it was fun, serious, and interesting and it definitely ends with an interesting choice of the villain, someone i'd never think of putting against the hulk, In fact, i am very excited for whats to come! Despite a few problems i might have with the book, it's still great as a whole.

recommendation: Matt Smash!

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