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Eat Your Heart Out Thor...

I won't lie, i've been very excited for this , not because of the fact that i was hoping for a good ol fashioned Hulk vs Thor fight, but because i simply wanted them to team up. it's been a extremely long time since hulk can thor fought side by side, most of the time us fans engage IN the " who is tougher" debate, and while Thor fans might get angry, i urge you to listen to me first.

First of, the plot is very intriguing, it is clear that banner is making something, he is trying to create something new and unexpected, i think that for a few arcs, with some fun arc in between, banner will be collecting something different each time, and as time passes, we will see what he had been building up to. Banner is yet again hinted some interesting things about his companions , but what waid does well is make the reader wonder, even though banner himself confesses his doubts one of his teammates, you the reader start to think what possible secrets might they hold, considering the fact that they are willing to cooperate with the hulk, or to even go against frost giants.

From the title you have probably already guesses that Something VERY important happens in this issue. and yes ...SPOILERS!

Hulk Lifts Mjolnir

But remember one thing , this is a three part arc, and we don;t know what it had been that had allowed the hulk to accomplish this feat, and there are of course still some things left to explain. Maybe it was banners change in character that had allowed the hulk to finely do the impossible, but whatever the reason, i know thor fans will be angry, but i think all will be explained.

As for the art, i wasn't particularly happy with that simonson was working in this, but now that i had a look for myself, i have to say well done Simonson. The art at times was truly amazing, not to mention the fact that the story telling was immensely awesome. I i never believed that Walter had such talent, it's not the pictures that are awesome, it;s the way they are drawn that makes it Incredible( PUNS. I CAN'T STOP!). However, there were some problems, at times the art was amazing, like the last pannel, but the face's and some panels had been a little off for me.

and thats not the only thing, at the start of the issues, banner is NAMED as Bruce D. Banner. this is a big mistake because Bruce's second name is Robert, not David, i guess mark waid adapted it from the television action series, but such mistakes should not be made.

In the end, this was amazing issue not the less, i loved every second of it and i am really enjoying it so far, and i hope thor fans get what the came for.....a good explanation ! Mark waid has done some awesome things with Bruce and hulk, and i have high hopes for this arc.

Recommendation: Hulk is.....WORTHY!

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