theacidskull's Indestructible Hulk #5 - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Part 5 review

Hulk is Full Of Surprises!

I'll Be completely honest, when i heard some of the ideas waid had been juggling, i was more than skeptical, in fact, i was worried that it might not have been all that great, but i knew Waid was awesome and some how he would have found a way to make things interesting, and so he did. This is The conclusion to waids first arc , and i have to say, i Love The ending.

i'll go with my usual style and quickly dispose of the artistic evaluation. Yu's art is yet again top notch. The characters are all drawn with amazing details, and the fights scenes are yet again amazingly awesome. Chos colors also go pretty well with the art as well, and most importantly it does not interfere with the art.

Now as for the plot. The story picks up where the last issue ended, at hulk being overcome by pressure. which in fact is the only problem i have with the book, since hulk has faced much worse before. but aside from that , everything else is great.

I've said this before, and i'll say it again, hulk is the kind of character who can basically be written in any type of story, his character is the kind that can shift into fitting action packed or gritty dark types of stories. The road Mark choose to go with is the one that focuses one science, rather than magic or anything else, because he is centered more on banner rather than hulk. there are a lot of scientific things waid introduces, one of the things that interested me was the formula for a VERY powerful acid, that could eat through anything. And this makes it even more clear, that banner is collecting things for his equipment, which would serve some role in his plans, and speaking of banner, i loved his new personality, he is much more funny and cool, though i do miss the old Bruce a bit.

Waid also does something very interesting, he mixes humor and gritty themes with each other, which is what a hulk book should be about. In fact, some of the things banner does will make you burst into laughter, i know i did. A hulk book, should be, above all things, fun, which is exactly what waid tries to accomplish, but that doesn't mean that there are serious scenes in the book, quite the contrary, it's exactly the MIXTURE of themes that makes this so awesome.

And as for Attuma, it was really interesting seing him on this book, he played a role of a very cool villain, the kind that was used for a specific arc, and served a role in banners plans in some sense. he was arrogant, evil , brash, threatening and fun, which makes him very cool in a small story like this.

I could not have been more pleased with this arc, it gave us the general idea of what banner wants to do with his life, and it was a lot of fun. the Art was amazing, and i cam excited for what is going to come after this.

Recommendation: Hulk Say Yes!

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