theacidskull's Indestructible Hulk #13 - Agent of T.I.M.E., Part Three review

Maestro Is That You?

Indestructible Hulk has already had about 13 issues up until this point, and i can't but help but notice one thing. Most writers would completely ignore what the fans have to say, seriously, most of the time i notice that writers just can't seem to take constructive criticism. However, every time some problems arises in the indestructible Hulk series, despite the series being very consistent, it is instantly corrected in the following issue, and it's corrected in a perfect way. This is why i respect waid so much, not only is he a superb writer but he also listens to fans and thinks about what would benefit the series the most. and as a Result we get amazing issues like this one today.

Matteo has been a very consistent artist and has provided great and cinematic pages for the series. Today was of course no different . I love how matteo vividly shows off the time-stream energies following around, the colors and the effects are very well mixed and it provides a great experience. Not to mention that yet again the action is top notch, as always. Now i do have one small gripe with the art, halfway through the issues the artists switch, and while i do like the second artist who comes around, the transition is extremely rough and kinda leaves a bad taste in ones mouth.

The story is however amazing this time around. The Hulk and Banner dynamic is still here and the mix of brain and Brawn is brilliantly executed. Hulk acting as the wrecking ball and Banner acting as the controller is something this series has been missing and i am glad that it's back. Hulk has also developed a personality again, which makes the book much more complete, don't get me wrong , i love banner, and i do love hulk, but one should never get more screen time than the other because the Dichotomy works better this way. Waid has found a great way to use both sides of the coin well on page. Plus waid has had a few problems in writing Savage Hulk, which i can now say that are totally gone.

Last time around i had two problems. The Main Villain of the issues was very easy to deal with and didn't present any threat AT all, in fact he was fairly easily dispatched. But This time around the Chronarchist is much more powerful and much more threatening as he gave a hulk a run for his money. Someone who can manipulate time should be a serious threat for everyone. Though i wish the design would have slightly changed, but that's just a personal gripe because it would have been cool to give Matteo some freedom on coming up with cool looks. ( this is In NOO way a problem for the book, the issues was amazing)

The second Problem in the last issue was that Banner easily convinced everyone that they had to team up, which this time around was executed in a much better fashion, but to be fair ,waid is limited in time( ha, see what i did there?) due to each issue being centered with it's own unique theme. Moreover, i do love that waid makes the characters who appear relevant, they could have been shoved aside but Mark makes sure that they get sufficient amount of time on page through the issue itself without overshadowing the hulk, which is how crossovers should generally be.

This is By far one of the best issues the series has to offer, it's fun,action packed, has great characterization and gives you a feeling that something really big is coming, which is how major arcs should be in my opinion.


Recommendation: Waid Smash!

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