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The Myth 
The Incubi are deamons and the stuff of myth and legend.  The earliest record of the Incubi goes back to about 2400bc.  They were known for laying on a woman while they were sleeping in order to have sex with them.  They did this to have children but repeated intercourse let to illness and death for the woman.
Their Real Appearance
Unlike the ancient drawing and antique oil paintings incubi are male dream-walking deamons.  They have a large phallic looking  probosci as large and movable as an elephants trunk and come down to a point like a stub.  With large veins that pulsate around it.  They also have pointed ears.
Their Real Powers
The Incubi have the power to seek, seduce and destroy woman in their sleep through their dreams.  They also manifest themselves in the real world to devour the souls of the living and recently departed.  They do these things by pushing their large probosci down the throats of their victims.  They can also become intangible so even bullets can not hurt them.  While intangible they can grab other things that are intangible like the Ghost.  
A man known as Mr. Park was able to oven a portal between the real world and the dream world allowing the Incubi to wreak havoc.  The Ghost was able to close the portal and trap the incubi in their own dimension.  As for the succubus the female version of the Incubi they have not been seen.

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