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Pak Smash!

*Spoilers May Follow*

First of, Thank you Greg Pak, than you for providing us with a wonderful run, and thank you for leaving such a big mark on the green Goliath. As You can tell from the score, I enjoyed this issue immensely, in fact, i'll be reviewing the entire run as soon as the last issue comes around, yeah...thats a thing now.

First of all, when i read a comic book, i have a selection of criteria by which i try to judge a writer, One of the criteria is how a writer sticks to the characters personality, and avoids using something completely different just to make the character edgy. In Greg Paks Entire run on the hulk, starting from planet hulk up until this point, he has never, not once, had a moment of WIS or CIS( writer induced stupidity and Character Induced stupidity). Hulk, always, and when i say always, i definitely mean ALWAYS , acting IN character, he was brooding, cocky, and no doubt the strongest there is. in fact, everyone under gregs pen has acting in character in his incredible hulks run, sure there were many hole in World War Hulk, considering that guys like reed Richards didn't act as smart as they could have been in the war, but more or less people acted like themselves. As an example, i would personally bring up the Hulk Vs Zeus Confrontation, Because even though Pak His a huge hulk fanboy, he doesn't go against binderies, Meaning that zeus beat the living hell out of hulk, as he should. Zeus is definitely himself, he is arrogant, a meat head, and above all a big o'l jerk, and boy oh boy did i love every second of it.

Anyone who has read his run can see that Greg put A LOT of effort in the characters he writes , through out his series he has crafted guys like skaar and turned them into total badasses, and characters like she hulk, who have previously been horrible characters. But greg pak too them and evolved them, made them much more interesting and dynamic.

As a Hulk fan, i have been immensely satisfied with what Pak had done to both banner and the hulk. Pak evolved them without betraying their core, which is not an easy task.

Banner was finely showing off his intellect, and finely became much more interesting, he was badass, cool and smart. This might not seem much but pak did something that had usually been pretty hard to do, which is make banner stand out. Most of the time banner has been overshadowed by the hulk, know....SMASH AND STUFF. But In Paks "Banner and Son" arc the hulk was gone, and banner and skaar's relationship is highlighted, and it's quite frankly beautiful. More importantly banner was finely used as one of the big brains of the marvel universe, yeah sure he was "smart" before , but never one of the 8th smartest men in the MU.

And as for Hulk, Pak Managed to make hulk so much more than he was, while hulk was always used as a foe, mostly induced by "mind control" or "loosing control", but hulk turn hulk into a hero. Hulks father was a monster, and Pak Makes clear that even though some scars have been made, he is not the same man as his father.

In incredible Hulk #11, which is one of my favorite hulk issues, Skaar sees the difference between the Monster and a hero like the hulk. There are many instances where hulk proves himself to be the hero.

In Order to save and solve his families problems, hulks goes to mount Olympus and gets beaten half to death, and then tortured for days. He has saved The world countless times, and managed save people by thunder clapping sand.

I'd also like to mention the fact that pak never ignored hulk history, in fact, he had been exploring while simultaneously creating new elements. Hulks history is never ignored, most writers tend to ignore some facts and do whatever the hell they want, Jason Aaron is one of the writers who did this to the hulk, he completely ignored everything that had Involved banner and hulk in general. But Pak didn't do the same thing, he managed create a unique little universe around the hulk, and provided Hulk with a great supporting cast, who both were awesome but didn't distract us from the main character.

In short, Greg Pak Was the best hulk writer along side peter david, he definitely left his mark on the character.

And As for the art, i loved every artist on board, but my personal favorite was Paul pelletier. He Drew on of the best hulks i've seen in a long time, He was big, full of rage and Muscular, just as all hulks should be. His art and greg paks writing made an awesome combo, you could see the emotions and the efforts put in this run( the last arc in particular)

However, Despite the awesomeness of paks run, there were some problems i had with it. Things like hulk having hurt by Swords and sharp objects seemed pretty weird, because, hulk takes pullets and and tank shells for breakfast and suddenly he is hurt by swords? not buying it. but other than that everything was perfect.

and there was also the wrap up, it felt a bit rushed, but still it was well executed. This was an awesome run by pak, in which the hulk evolved, and i would reccomend it to everyone.

Recommendation: HELL YES! IF YOU'RE A HULK FAN YOU HAVE TO PICK THIS UP! but if you're not then i'd still wholeheartedly reccomend it!

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