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My A.I.M. is True

With Red She-Hulk at his side, Tyrannus enters the fountain of youth he has that has kept him young, and immortal, for years. Monica Rappaccini and A.I.M. busts in to steal Tyrannus' secrets, only to make things infinitely worse.

The Good

The day Greg Pak stops writing a Hulk book is the day I weep in sorrow. He has taken this book out of this world, and even taken some bizarre story lines, that I thought were absurd at first, and made them great reads. I wasn't too keen on the Tyrannus story line at first, but I find myself loving it more and more with each issue. This issue is straight fun and a lot of great set-up for future issues. I love the twist towards the middle of the issue and what Monica Rappuccini changes Tyrannus' Fountain of Youth into. This little twist will and already has lead to some craziness and it'll be a lot of fun to see how this all turns out.
The art, penciled by Paul Pelletier, inked by Danny Miki, and colored by Morray Hollowell, is fantastic. Frankly, Pelletier and Pak play really well off of each other and I love seeing them work on this book together. The art is extremely vibrant and detailed and it will keep you glued to the pages.

The Bad

I miss this book being only about Hulk/Bruce Banner. It feels a lot like a team book now, and if you look at the title of the book, that should be pretty evident. While I like seeing She-Hulk, A-Bomb, and Amadeus Cho, I'd rather just see Hulk doing his own thing. Thankfully, that's the only thing about this book I didn't like. Everything else was awesome.

The Verdict

You should be reading this. It's a Hulk book that doesn't take itself too seriously, but it doesn't come off as a joke in any way. Sure, it may not be about just Bruce Banner at the moment, but the cast of characters, story, art, and writing are so strong that you'll end up forgetting about that. This may not be the best place to jump on for a new reader though. I'd suggest going back a few issues to catch yourself up. I highly recommend Incredible Hulks #630.
Edited by Grimoire

I just read this and it just well to catch a phrase "It made me mad." 
She not only left with the bad guy in the last issue but they slept together which now makes Betty a *&(*&^ in my opinion. I definitely want Bruce to really move on and I mean for real and not just saying it like he did in this one.

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