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The Hulk has never been welcome in the civilized world. What better place for the savage Hulks than the Savage Land? Get ready for PLANET SAVAGE as Hulk and Skaar invade the prehistoric paradise of Ka-Zar, Lord of the Hidden Jungle. Featuring the showstopping pencils of superstar Dale Eaglesham and the return of a deadly frenemy the Hulk should never have forgotten.

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Savage, not Monster, Land 0

 Important - This is a review of issues # 523 to 525 - I was very excited about this new arc story of the Hulk, basically for two reasons, first because it´s the return of the Hulk to the Savage Land (the phase of Hulk in the Savage Land by Peter David and Adam Kubert is one of the best of this character, in my opinion) and second because of the artist Dale Eaglesham, I was very curious to see his aproach and interpretation of the character. After reading this three issue arc story, unfor...

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History repeats itself. 0

The green man has to take a trip to an island and with the Warbound to answer the call we get the first part of the Planet Savage sereis.  To me the begin felt standard, we get the idea that this mission isn't going to be as clear as it showed like.  And what made this work feel was the art; it a some point in it hulk has the bulk muslce face and then in the next scene his gain alot of weight.  The story just parts itself so the best advise is to get this and the second part with it to get the w...

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Bug is back 0

After getting the ever loving crap kick out of Hulk by Zeus, the Hulks head to Gammaworld for help. Hulk then leaves for the Savage Land with the Warbound.  PROS *We get to see Elloe and Brood again. *Hulks is weaker in this issue. This is because Zeus almost killed. It's weird I've never seen HULK this weak. *Miek is back and bigger then before. Still wondering How?  CONS *Issue seems a bit slower then normal. Hopefully it picks up speed.  Over All- 3.5 Waiting for the story to pick up speed an...

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