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From the day the HULK was born in nuclear fire, he's always insisted he just wants to be left alone. But for the past three years, Bruce Banner has taken the opposite path, forging deep new bonds and building a super-powered family of Incredible Hulks. Now the abiding wisdom or terrible folly of that course of action will be revealed as the Green Goliath leads the Incredible Hulks in the final battle to stop his insane son HIRO-KALA from destroying two planets. Today the DARK SON saga comes to a shocking conclusion -- and a Hulk will fall! PLUS: All-new backup stories featuring the Hulk’s gamma-powered allies!

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Daddy´ll show some manners 0

Beautiful Cover by Carlo Pagulayan (he´s awesome!!!) The planet K´Ai is in collision course with Earth and Hulk´s plan to change it´s route by volcanic explosions triggered by Skaar´s old powers is delayed, since Skaar showed himself a true hero and decided to save the planet locals that were near the site. The ambivalence that Pak creates in this book is very interesting: Hulk and Bruce Banner, as intellect and raw power, can be both good, and Hiro Kala and Skaar as good brother and evil brothe...

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Review: The Incredible Hulks #616 0

Hiro-Kala and Hulk come face-to-face! Will father fight son? Will Hiro-Kala destroy Earth?Will Hulk destroy Hiro?  The Good This feels like the third act of the Planet Hulk series. (Act One being Planet Hulk and Act Two being the Son of Hulk series) Although Planet Hulk is my favorite of all Hulk stories, this one is coming in a close second place. The art, done by Barry Kitson and Scott Hanna is very solid and is complimentary to the writing. It's a ...

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