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Hulk continues to STAY ANGRY in Jason Aaron’s highly anticipated new story arc!

To do so, the green goliath picks some fights… on the ocean floor and in space!!!



In an underwater town built upon the ruins of Ancient Atlantis, all the Atlanteans' crops have died suddenly and without warning causing panic amongst the sea people. Hulk awakens to find himself in a room with an Atlantean doctor. She informs him that Banner had come to her asking to have something placed inside him before telling her to inject him with adrenaline once the operation was over. She is about to tell Hulk what the object is when the outraged Atlantean villagers attack, believing Hulk to be to blame for the death of their crops.

Hulk fights off his attackers but finds himself descending deeper into the sea with the doctor. Above the ruins of Atlantis, the doctor explains that the sliver of rock she placed inside Banner was the last magic that the town had left.

Meanwhile, the Atlanteans survey their crops and agree that Hulk was definitely to blame. They come to the conclusion that their magic was stolen and come together to hunt the Hulk down.

The doctor tells Hulk about the villagers' addiction to magic, that they drink a magical substance called "black mash" which gives them abnormal strength, makes them enraged and - given time - paranoid, narrow-minded, mistrustful and prone to inbreeding. She tells Hulk that the only way for the town to survive is for the magic to be taken away by him to the surface.

The Atlanteans attack once again but Hulk is able to fight them off. However, later in the fight, a group of villagers called sirens start singing in a way that causes Hulk to calm down. Afraid that he'll revert to Banner in the midst of a fight, Hulk drinks that black mash and finds himself with the anger to defeat the Atlanteans much faster than he had been previously.

On a beach later on, Hulk and the doctor are washed ashore. The doctor reveals that she has been working for Banner all along and sings to Hulk making him calm down so she can remove the magic rock from him for Banner.

Hulk awakens in space, unable to catch his breath.







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