super_man_23's Incredible Hulk #6 - Hulk vs Banner! Chapter 3: And only one shall smash review

A Banner By Any Other

The Hulk is finally ready to end the torment that he's suffered from Bruce Banner, but Bruce Banner isn't ready to give up the ghost just yet! This is Hulk vs. Banner!!!

The Good

This is really, for a lack of better words, incredible!! Jason Aaron has really done an outstanding job on this series. From the splitting of Hulk and Bruce Banner came a new life for both of the separate characters. While many say that Hulk and Banner are one and the same, I truly don't think so. Hulk always seemed to be the hero and Banner always the brains, while the two have had much praise and more hunting than anything, Bruce is rid of the Hulk. However, now it seems that he can't live without him. Aaron really does an fantastic job with making Bruce so desperate that he'll go to the ends of the earth to nuke himself with gamma rays, not a good idea! Now, Bruce is on the verge of death as he as a brain tumor and will most likely die soon, however with trying to find the Hulk he has experimented on man and beast and will take back what is rightfully his!

The story plays out incredibly well the outcome of the Hulk and Bruce Banner was never expected by me and many of loyal fans, as the two always seemed to be unbeatable team no matter what.

But when Hulk got the help from Doctor Doom, now it seems that Banner would be happy, but no, he had to go even more crazy and forget the reasons that he wanted to leave the hulk forever. Aaron is doing an outstanding job with the series, and the jaw dropping ending was unexpected!

The Bad

The artwork just seems to be a a little bit off. While Whilce Portacio is just trying to keep the flow of the art from previous issues that had Silvestri work on them (issues 1-3), his work on the faces of Bruce Banner and well as some of the other human characters just seem a bit inconsistent and also off at times. While Portacio means good, he just needs to find his flow with the comic and stick with that.

The Verdict

This is a good series for all loyal Hulk fans out there and when with the ending (Hulk in the end holds banner by the neck on the island as the gamma bomb goes off, what could possibly go wrong next?) Overall 4 out of 5.


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