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Hide in Plain Sight Part 1 of 5

Noted inventor David Zhan is giving a national interview about the Absorbing Man and his patented invention of the bars which are used to contain him.While on the street the interview is watched by Banner and a woman, who after leaving commits suicide in the subway tunnels while the program she worked for frantically tries to learn if she had been alone with Creel.While elsewhere, Banner arrives in a diner speaking with the victim's best friend,offering to talk with her to ensure she's alright. While back in the facility an attractive woman makes a pass at a doctor who takes her into a room only to attack her,as Zhan sees from his computer station. While in the park Banner and the woman are attacked by a group of thugs as Banner antagonizes them, only for the woman to physically drive them away as she kicks Banner in the face.While back at the facility the woman and man are separated by the facility's security,while in the park Banner gets up with the woman believing he drove the gang away completely on his own much to his surprise.

While back at the facility Zhan shows the director the correspondence between Creel's brain activity and the hostile and out of character actions of the staff something the director dismisses as preposterous. While once again in the park Banner questions Pamela on her blackouts who blows up hitting Banner with her purse believing him to be insinuating she was involved in her best friends murder before leaving.Meanwhile Zhan heads to where Absorbing Man is imprisoned, with a concealed handgun.

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