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The fight everyone's been waiting for: HULK VS. BANNER! Banner unleashes an army of Hulked-out monsters!

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Not as good as it could be 0

A lot was done wrong in this issue, we've been promised to see Hulk fight Banner, but they didn't even exchanged blows. Also the Hulk is acting not the way i espected him to, he could (and should) end Banner in a second, yet he decides to listen what he has to say. Of course that would be dumb to just kill Banner, but i think it could be handled better, for example let the hulk-like beasts overcome the Green Giant and bring him to Banner.Also this issue suffers greatly from the absence of the Bo...

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Hulk Hands 2.0 0

THE GOODThe cover art and final "preview" page were nice. In fact, I REALLY like the final "preview" page, seen to the right.The actual story was pretty good. I felt some of the Amanda Von Doom dialog was a bit drawn out - at least they didn't make a point she wasn't related to Victor in this issue.I certainly enjoyed all the action. From the crazy Banner scenes to the Hulk and Hulk fist-to-cuffs, the issue had a lot to offer. The full page, no dialog panels were especially nice.The side/back st...

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Incredible Hulk # 4 0

The man wants back in the monster. Hulk Vs. Bruce Banner. Hulk wants to kill Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner has just gone off the wall, off the rocking chair, he is insane. And what is more insane is his island of Hulk animals obeying there daddy Bruce Banner by attacking the Hulk. There some interesting looking creatures that are Hulked out, over all story telling Jason Aaron is doing a bang up job, applause for his writing on the Hulk. Jason Aaron is making Hulk once more a proud top selling comin...

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