lesley_maddox's Incredible Hulk #35 - Silent Running review

Silent Running

  I have come to enjoy the writing of Bruce Jones accompanied by the art by John Romita. I used to think it was the lack of dialogue that intrigued me but I’ve realised that it is Romita’s brilliant ability to tell a story with his pictures alone. Sometimes this results in too many panels, but I think in this case it works effectively and the scenes often play out in a way that reminds me of the movies. My favourite thing about this issue is on page 11 when Banner thinks he has escaped through the tall   crop field from the FBI but they’ve shot him with a dart and as he blacks out the crops fade into an eerie green colour where he can vaguely see the man with the black suit and glasses approaching him.

Again on page 20 is a lovely image of Banner appearing through the same crop field with the wind blowing around as the sun sets.

The overall storyline is a little slow going in this issue, but the imagery makes up for it in so many ways.



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