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Hulk starts properly smashing

I've been enjoying this new run of the Incredible Hulk, and this issue continues to please. First things first, the cover is a bit of a tease (not going to spoil anymore), which to many is inconsequential but covers are important damn it! Plus I've noticed how they seem to ignore the new design, including the Hulk's awesome new beard. Ignoring that, the issue basically focuses on The Big Guy as he thinks back on his past almost philosophically, which to some might seem odd considering how for the most part the Hulk's is depicted as being a slow-speaking, almost monosyllabic thing, but it works in this context, giving us a some of insight on how the Hulk came to be and revealing a bit more about how the split came about, while also telling us a bit about his motivations in the upcoming story. This is perfect in giving newer readers a better introduction to the Hulk, without just cramming an origin story into the first few pages, which feels very natural.

These ponderous moments don't over stay they're welcome, however, as the majority of the issue is spent letting the Hulk do what we want him to do: Smash. The antagonists are left very sympathetic, however, and the resolution is actually kinda sad, something that isn't always easy to accomplish with villains we haven't had much time to learn about. These characters also help give us a bit of an insight into Banner's madness, but considering how last issue did pretty much the same thing, it's not really necessary.

Art wise, I've heard many complaints, but i'm enjoying it so far. Clearly there's a few hiccups concerning the human characters, but this issue mainly concerns the strange creatures and races, which is where this title truly shines. While i can definitely see how some people may not enjoy this, as long as the monsters look cool as they tear apart the planet from within, I'll be content.

Ultimately, this is a very well written chapter of a very intriguing story, one that actually manages to be very emotional for our favorite Green friend, something we get a clear sense of. I give it 4 stars, and look forward for more of this new Hulk saga

Posted by mynameis7

I agree...Where's the beard?

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