thanosrules's Incredible Hulk #3 - Hulk: Asunder, Part Three review

An Earth Cracking Good Time!


I LOVE this art. It is just so visually appealing. I would have thought actually seeing the brushstrokes would have been distracting, but it is quite the opposite. It makes the art feel as raw as the story.

I really liked how the "brothers" were handled in this issue. Both from where the story picked up from the cliffhanger in the last issue, as well as their interaction with Hulk and each other. You almost feel bad for them, everytime you read, "Brother...?".

The snippet of how Hulk's second rebirth was enough to make you feel like the creative team knows we want to know more, but not enough to give it all away. I hope they continue with that flashback...

The "earth shattering" fight was great. I like how Hulk decided to handle the brothers, knowing the fight could likely go on until the earth was broken in two...

The cave drawing scene was great too. It triggered just the right emotions. :)

Finally, the reveal of Banner's new army was staged perfectly - I am looking forward to that fight. I guess we will see if Mister Gor, B.R.A.I.N and Amanda Von Doom are as skilled and dangerous as advertised...




Highly Recommended! This was a great issue! It had a bit of everything: back story/explanation, action, redemption, reveal, a clear path forward. It is definitely worth picking up as a solid book on its own, as well as a great part of the series. I can't wait for the next issue!

Posted by artfan007

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