The Incredible Hulk #3

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Banner sends in a couple of his creations to try and take down Hulk. When is Banner going to learn that Hulk just wants to be left alone?

The Good

I'm stuck in this terrible mindset. "What is Jason Aaron going to do to follow Greg Pak's run on Hulk?" It's a horrible mindset to have when you open up a book, so I urge anyone reading this series to get that out of your brain. That being said, this book is f'n awesome! What I like most about this is that we're three issues in and not once have I been bored, confused, or worried with the series or the direction it's going in. This book is so good and keeps a constant smile on my face. Jason Aaron is killing it on this book. Sorry for the slang, but it's completely true.

I love that this book has more of a role reversal to it than most other Hulk books. Banner has lost his mind and takes the role of the antagonist while Hulk just wants to be left alone and he comes off as the protagonist more than anything else. It's a new take on an old favorite.

I've mentioned it before but the whole Island of Doctor Moreau thing Banner is going through is amazing. It just adds to the whole "Banner is crazy" aspect of the book. This issue, and series as a whole, is a great mixture of genres and stays entertaining from beginning to end.

Marc Silvestri's art is beautiful. I love how he sets up each panel, and you never feel like you get the same type of shot twice, aside from a few panels that slowly zoom in on a facial expression. In addition, everything about his art just feels epic. There's a great two page splash that I keep going back to again and again. It's a great fight scene that will have you staring at it for minutes.

The Bad

The only real problem I had is while this book was filled with great action, it didn't balance too well with story. We essentially get 4 pages of actual story in this issue which progresses the story forward.

The Verdict

Point blank, you should be reading this. This is currently the best that Marvel has to offer. It's a great book with a great story with a bit of role reversal. Hulk doesn't come off as the villain in this one, but Banner does. That being said, the mild "insanity factor" that Banner has in this series has been really cool. Also, Silvestri's art is reason enough to pick this series up. The only problem I had with this book was that there wasn't a great balance of action and story. It was way too action heavy. Do yourself a favor and pick this book up. I highly recommend it.

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