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This series was Doomed

From the onset of the 7.1 issue I could already tell this series was going to be a let down. From that point Hulk is revealed to still have the capability to a human side which, for the record, is a weak write-in. The whole purpose of this series was to have hulk, yet again, become a being separate from Banner acting on his own accord. When 7.1 rolled out it basically undid all of the great development of the first 7 issues.

My major problem with this issue lay in the sheer number of Doombots expelled in this issue. The fact that a majority of times that Doom has been beaten, they reveal it to be a Doombot instead of the real thing. The fights that took place usually took everything that the opposing force (often the F4) had to beat him. In this issue they were just being discarded like tissue paper. Regardless of my bias toward Doom, this is just stupid writing by Jason Aaron. The fight inside the Hulks mind was also a little meaningless - the entire time I thought he was fighting a "Mad Max"-style hulk, all to be foiled by the actual Hulk who all-of-a-sudden is now, after 15 issues on Banner's side? Give me a break, they basically undid every single thing they were developing over the last year. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Secret Invasion had bad plot holes, this finale was riddled with them. Also the character cast of this whole series excluding Wolverine, The Hulk and Doom was just littered with C-listers. You might as well had Hawkeye and Namor thrown into this year long "epic".

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