el_bread's Incredible Hulk #110 - Warbound, Part V review

He's Still Mad

World War Hulk is this summer's comic book blockbuster event. All the fans of the Green Goliath nerded out when they heard he was on his way back from his bittersweet, mostly bitter, tour of the cosmos to take revenge on those self righteous know-it-alls, The Illuminati. I must say that the experience overall has been underwhelming. There's been an overall lack convincing characterization to make you care about any of the parties involved and the story, which for the most part is explosive mindless fun, lacks any real importance to the Marvel Universe as a whole. Its kinda starting to feel like its dragging at this point. In this issue Greg Pak picks up with irritatingly calculated Amadeus Cho trying to convince the Hulk that he is on his side and he, unlike the rest of the world, knows the Hulk is hero. Amadeus Cho reminds me Inspector Gadget's neice, Penny. Remember how her computer book seemed to fix everything? That's Cho's brain and it makes him annoying to read. He's not a likable character at all and it feels like Pak takes short cuts when developing plot points that involve him. So he talks to the Hulk and explains that the Hulk never kill anyone unless its in self defense and in addition, the Hulk is also a genius like Cho. Great. I think reader's will identify with the Hulk disinterest in Cho's explainations of seemingly everything that the Hulk does. This issue really didn't do anything to develop the Hulk as a character revelations about his violence felt more like contradictions than explanations. I'm giving a 3 stars because its worth a read if you have enjoyed what Pak has done so far, but when it comes to the must reads of the series I'd stick with the main arc, Frontline, and Avengers: The Initiative


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