halfshellhero's Incredible Hulk #1 - Hulk: Asunder, Part One review

They Will Come

The Warbound

I was never a Hulk fan until I picked up Planet Hulk, and then I was hooked. Instead of being a monster on the hunt, he was just another outcast like many of the prisoners there. Together as the Warbound, they fought their captors and bought peace to the land, but because it was a Hulk story, tragedy would strike again. Being constantly tormented and hounded must be part of Hulk's description because once he finds peace, it's ripped from him again.

Marital Conflict

At the end the Incredible Hulks #635, I was sure that he had at least found some kind of peace. Before that he was "working" with Red Hulk, had Betty back in his life, and together with A-Bomb, She-Hulk, and Lyra, they were a big giant Hulky family. Turns out the perfect ending he found at the end of Incredible Hulks wasn't meant to be. ((Although I'm sure a certain Serpent kind of ruined that as well)).

Silvestri's Hulk

Incredible Hulk #1 starts it off big. From the ominous cover to the incredible pencils of Marc Silvestri, this book reminds me that sometimes, a splash page will speak volumes in itself. Reading a number of stories since Planet Hulk I really understood what Hulk meant when he said "They will come. They always come." The feeling of constant dread and Hulk's ever present vigilance

The most interesting aspect of this issue is that is seems that the Hulk is the good guy, being recruited by shadowy government agents, and Banner is the villain. Locked away in remote jungle location, Banner looks like a fevered, crazy scientist, experimenting on the local wildlife. From the way that he altered the boars and his own general look of crazy, it seems to me that Banner is trying to find/become the Hulk again out of necessity. I've never been good at reading between the lines so I could be entirely wrong, but that's my best guess.

I am very excited for the next issue in this series. Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri's creation is compelling and leaves me wanting more. If you've never been a Hulk fan before, I highly recommend giving this issue a shot.

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