doomdoomdoom's Incredible Hulk #1 - Hulk: Asunder, Part One review

Hulk's Dream, Interrupted

I've never been a fan of the Hulk but none the less I wanted to give this new Incredible Hulk #1 a shot. I'm glad I did.

We start off with Hulk going "Hulk" on a multitude of underworld monsters while an interior monologue sets the mood and attempts to define this "new" version of the hulk. It was interesting to see even though Hulk's thoughts are presented clearly he still prefers to use mono-syllabic words when talking. Hulk is living with a underground community and working as a hunter and enjoying the dream life until he is tracked down in order to stop Banner. -scratches head- Yeah, it seems like Banner is the bad guy. The last couple of pages I haven't read yet but they appear to be summaries of some more recent Hulk related events and comic volumes.

Good: I felt like this was a good introduction to Hulk from a new readers perspective. Beautiful, I mean beautiful colors in some of these panels. A solid first issue that does it's job of leaving the reader foaming at the mouth for issue #2

Bad: There were a couple of panels that seemed similar too the third Matrix movie, a giant drill and robots invading an underground community, but that's really it.

Over all I'm glad I picked this up and I will definitely give issue #2 a shot.

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