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Hercules vs. Ares, locked in final combat! Amadeus Cho vs. all of S.H.I.E.L.D.! And the bad news is...Amadeus Cho is winning!

Amadeus' virus creates havoc with S.H.I.E.L.D. Hercules tries telling him to stop it but because Amadeus blames them for his pup being injured, he stands firm. Their stolen helicarrier, the Behemoth, has been automatically targeted by their defense system. Missles headed straight towards them. Cho and Herc argue over stopping the virus and smashing the missles when Ares arrives.

Ares pulls Herc up top and begins grabbing oncoming missles and throwing them at Herc. They trade blows back and forth, neither willing to yield. What it comes down to is Ares wants to know why the people love Hercules despite all the bad things he's done. Hercules responds that despite all his flaws, they see themselves in him. Finally, Hercules manages to get Ares thrown off the helicarrier and into a few oncoming missles.

Back inside, Cho still refuses to stop the virus. Herc smashes the computer trying to put a stop to it. Hercules begins to tell Amadeus some of the truth to his life. Everything Cho knows about him is based on heresay and myths. Amadeus finally gives in. They escape by using a Saraarian teleporter Cho took from Hulk's ship.

In Vermont, Herc and Cho visit Athena for sanctuary. Athena tells them their rest will be short lived because a war is coming. They both respond, "Again?"

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