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Incandescent Man was created at the research facility known as Project Pegasus. A man participated in an experiment involving bio-conducters where they were trying to give him the power to draw electricity to himself. The experiment was a success but the electricity coursing through his body drove him mad. Incandescent Man escaped when he shut down all of Pegasus's power and disappeared into one of the rivers in upstate New York. However the water had drained his body of electrons and his body remained afloat in the waters of Staten Island. His body was discovered by some men on a ferry boat and Incandescent Man was revived when he absorbed all the electricity around the darn dock.

Incandescent Man was roaming all over Manhattan and draining all the electricity into him. He was confronted by Spider Man and the mutant known as Cannonball. They realized that water was his weakness because it drained the electrons in his body causing him to shrink and get weaker. During the chaos, an unknown helicopter pilot tried to capture the Incandescent Man with a damper net but the monster managed to escape. The helicopter lost its power and Spider Man tried to help the masked pilot. Spider Man saved the pilot before the chopper crashed into the ground. Meanwhile Cannonball managed to knock the Incandescent Man into the Hudson river where all his power was drained and he disappeared. The pilot was the twin sister of the man who was Incandescent Man and told Spider Man she was looking for him since he escaped from Project Pegasus. She had plans to harness all his power and destroy the place that created him. 

Powers and Abilities:
The Incandescent Man can draw electricity to himself causing him to grow in size and fire electricity bolts from his hands.  

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