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Inara Serra is a certified "Companion" for the Allied Planets or better known as, the Alliance. A companion resembles the strong culture and beliefs of a Geisha. They are established for the social elite and have a lot of political influence and power.

Inara decides to rent a shuttle from Captain Malcolm Reynolds aboard Serenity in order that she may "see the universe." With many misadventures among the crew, the greatest challenge was the constant attraction to Mal. Neither was able to handle or admit their true feelings to each other despite the mutual attraction. A problem which plays a large part in Inara's finally deciding to leave Serenity. (This occurs in the end of Serenity: Those Left Behind.)

Inara began her schooling at the Companion Training House on Sihnon at a young age where she received an education fit for someone of a high social class. Her companion training involved learning the arts of seduction and pleasure, both mental and physical, as well as how to read people and both read and use body language. She was also trained in swordsmanship, art, and archery.

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