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After the Impossible Man created the Impossible Woman they decided to clone their own family. There are possibly thousands of Impossible children.

The children act very much like their parents, except times a thousand.


Apparently, all of the children are called by number. One child is known as #4,682. Some have actual names. The 'parents' seem to recognize each of them.

Unlike all the other kids, Impia is one of the Impossible children who will not play jokes or even transform. The Impossible Woman tried to take the child to Mr. Fantastic to 'fix' her but he was not at home. She instead asked Quasar, who could not help. She ended up finding Madcap who tried his lunacy to teach the young one by controlling Quasar to do ridiculous but dangerous things across the city. But she had no interest in playing jokes or harming anyone and eventually had to use her power to make Quasar snap out of the control that Madcap put him under.


The Impossible Man also created a pet dog for the family he named Ralf (also known as the Impossible Dog or Imp-Dog). He can change into any type of dog.
Ralf the Impossible Dog

The Impossible Woman also adopted a Skrull from the Savage Land named Samuel J. Skrull.

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