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Imperiex Probes were created from Imperiex Prime himself. As such, whenever one was destroyed, the energy released was returned to his vessel where it was fed back into himself. This allowed him to restart the process of creating new Probes and gave him an unlimited supply of warriors. Each of these Constructs were composed of machine colonies that mated in order to give birth to smaller and better machinery as they evolved. As a result, each creche of such machines continued to work and mate in this manner leading to volumetric expansion at an exponential rate. Thus, each of these Hollowers were capable of incredible destruction with them being able to annihilate a planet or a galaxy in the span of hours.

E.A armor

The Justice Society of America staged an assault against Imperiex's mothership where they succeeded in destroying it thus crippling the production of more Probes. The husk of one such destroyed Probe was later taken by Darkseid to Apokolips where he used it to fashion the Entropy Aegis armor to defeat impriex prime as a last resort.

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