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Imperial Riot Troopers were created due to the formation of the Rebel Alliance. The training took place on the Yinchorr at the Imperial Academy. Riot Troopers were required to swear and Oath of Obidience and were expected to give their lives at a moment snotice if so required of them. They are among the most loyal of the Stormtrooper ranks engaging blaster or lightsaber wielding foes armed with electrostaffs. RIot Troopers were suberb hand to hand combatants and were staioned on high security worlds such as Kamino or worlds where riots and insurrections could harm the Empire on a greater scael such as Kato Nemoidia. 

Major Activities: 
Riot Troopers could be found on most worlds the Empire had something to protect. A clone of the Secret Apprentice fought many of these Troopers during his escape from Kamino. The clone again encountered these troops on Cato Nemoidia around the gladitorial arena used to placate the population. The troops may have been used has guards for the creatures and sentients used in the Arena 

The standard armor of the Riot Troopers seemed to be a hybrid of Stormtrooper armor and Royal Guard armor with the black undersuit and chalk white armor though featureing the standard visors of the Royal Guards. Riot Troopers were armed with a cortosis woven electrostaff that could deliver a dealdy shock to anyone unfortuante enough to fight a Riot Trooper.

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