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 Impasse vs Colleen Wing.
Impasse was a minor criminal who went overseas and got busted for smuggling. He had a choice to go to jail or let them experiment on him with germ warfare. He agreed to undergo the experiments and they transformed him into a perfect germ carrier. Impasse escaped with his new abilities and a germ gun weapon they created. He came back to New York and attacked Power Man and Iron Fist inside the offices of Heroes for Hire. They were both incapacitated by the germ gun blast and both men were hospitalized with some unknown toxin in their body. Impasse attacked the Heroes for Hire team because they were giving problems to a local mob boss named Caesar Cicero. The mob boss Caesar Cicero had helped Impasse in the past when he got a drug charge dropped against him a few years back. Impasse had plans to make Mr. Cicero a big boss in town and would take care of anybody that would cross him. 

Misty Knight and Colleen Wing went after Mr. Cicero to get some clues on who this Impasse person was so they can get some type of cure for his germ weapon. Mr. Cicero told them that this wasn't his plan and that Impasse hit up Cage and Fist to impress him. Mr. Cicero didn't want Impasse to bring on anymore enemies for him and told the Daughters of the Dragon that Impasse had plans to take out the Assistant District Attorney named Maxine Lavender. Impasse nearly eliminated Maxine until Misty and Colleen intervened. A brief scuffle occurred but Impasse managed to escape inside a cab when he shot the female cab driver with his germ gun. The female cab driver turned out to be a freelance bounty hunter named Vienna who was hired by a foreign country to take back the gun Impasse stole from them. Vienna had implanted a tracer in the cab so Misty and Colleen went after Impasse and Vienna went back to the hospital to see Cage and Fist.

Impasse went after Cicero and was upset that he had sent the cops after him. Misty and Colleen encountered Impasse before he killed Cicero. Colleen was weak from the previous encounter after Impasse had touched her and made her very sick. Colleen managed to throw her sword and disarm Impasse before she passed out. Misty attacked Impasse and managed to knock him out but she was getting very sick after making contact with him. Vienna came in and administered the vaccine to Colleen and Misty. She told them that she also gave the vaccine to Cage and Fist at the hospital and both men made a full recovery. Impasse was taken in by Vienna and his current whereabouts are unknown.   


Impasse was created by Steven Grant and Geof Isherwood in 1984 and first appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist # 101.

Powers & Abilities

Impasse is a perfect germ carrier and anyone who comes into contact with his skin becomes very ill. Impasse also used a germ gun that shot a deadly toxin that would incapacitate anyone once it was inside their body. Impasse is also formidable in hand-to-hand combat  being able exchange strikes with Colleen Wing and Misty Knight.

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