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Impact, the super sized strong man of Cyber-Force was born Boomer O’Shea. Boomer grew up in Malibu, CA, with his father who was a respected scientist. He was just a normal kid who loved to surf, but he grew increasingly worried about his father who was completely obsessed with the experiment he was working on. Boomer had no idea that his father's experiment would drastically alter him forever.

His father had been in contact with an interstellar being called, Korvus. Korvus had been leaving a path of destruction across the galaxies while battling his enemy, “Huntar”. During one of these battles, the two titans crashed into a mining planet known as Vegar. On the planet, Huntar grabbed Korvus and threw him into a near by space jump portal. The portal was a manufactured wormhole. The two giant combatants dissolved in the gateway.

Back on Earth, Korvus’ spirit was desperately in search of a vessel large enough to contain his enormous amounts of energies without destroying the body. Korvus provided Boomer’s father with technological achievements, centuries more advanced than his own. Korvus wanted Boomer’s father to create a growth serum so he could take control of someone’s body. Korvus was rapidly becoming impatient that the serum was taking so long and threatened his life. As such, Boomer's father became worried about his own life & therefore decided to use the serum on Boomer.

When the lights went out in the house, Boomer stumbled into his father’s basement. There his father attacked him, injecting the growth serum into his neck. Instantly the serum began to take effect on Boomer. It caused his body to grow in both height and size. As soon as Boomer’s body was large enough Korvus seized control of his body. Realizing what he had done, Boomer's father attempted to amend his mistakes by attacking the creature. However, he was thrown across his lab and smashed down into some chemicals, causing a gigantic explosion. Korvus, fled in pain from his damaged vessel, leaving Boomer in charge of his own body once again. The horror of seeing his father dead combined with the pain from his own horribly burned and disfigured body, Boomer passed out.

Boomer later woke in a burns center, where he was informed that his entire body has third degree burns and severe nerve damage. A man from a company called Cyberdata assured him that he would not only get medical attention, but guaranteed him a full recovery. All Boomer had to do was agree to work for the company. Boomer agreed and soon his entire body was grafted with a nearly indestructible metal alloy. He had a computer implanted in his brain to ensure that he would remain loyal to the company. He took on the name: Impact!

He became part of Cyberdata’s cybernetically enhanced strike team, The S.H.O.C.K.s. Impact was later approached by Dr. Corben, one of Cyberdata’s chief scientists, and was told the truth about the organization. Dr. Corben removed Impact’s brain box and provided him with a disc containing all the information needed to escape. Impact realized that he enjoyed thinking for himself and escaped Cyberdata. He was joined by four other former S.H.O.C.K.S. member who Dr. Corben had helped escape; Heatwave, Ripclaw, Cyblade, and Stryker.

Major Story Arcs


Together they formed Cyberforce, and set out to take down the evil corporation Cyberdata and any other evils by any means necessary.

On one mission, Heatwave flies into a building to investigate a disturbance and is knocked through a wall by Pitt. Impact rushes in to save his teammate, and after seeing Pitt, he calls the team for backup. Impact and Pitt engage in a large and destructive battle where Impact was thrown through a wall. The battle ended when Ripclaw realized that Pitt was looking for someone and was not a threat to the team. Cyberforce and Pitt then combined their forces against their enemy.

Vs. Pitt

After a non-stop period of battles, Boomer heads to a mountain cabin with a couple of friends to get away. While on a hike, O'Shea and his friends stumble upon a secret base of mechanized robots, in the Colorado mountains. After discovering the base, Impact and his friends return to the cabin and he alerts Cyberforce of the base. While waiting for the team to arrive, the robots attack the cabin. While Impact attempts to fight off several large robots, one of his friends is shot and seriously injured. Boomer finishes off the robots, then tends to his injured friend. Cyberforce arrives and is updated on the situation. O'Shea leads the team to where he found the secret facility. Upon arrival, they discover the base completely deserted.

Later, after Cyberdata had been defeated, Cyberforce went their separate ways. Boomer went to a cabin in the mountains. He was tired of being a hero and all the struggles involved. Some time later, it is found out that all the enhanced people are descendents from an alien race and an alien ship is on a collision course with Earth. Cyberforce deems that they need to stop the alien ship so they go and attempt to recruit Impact back to the team. He wants a normal life away from all the action. The team finally convinces O'Shea to rejoin them but he tells them that he wants a new chocolate lab puppy after the mission is over. The reformed team heads to space and boards the alien ship. They soon battled the giant aliens on board. The team discovers that the aliens planned on killing all their descendents which they deemed "lesser beings". Impact convinces the team that he can delay the aliens, buying time for the rest of them to escape. As the remaining members of Cyberforce escaped the plummeting ship, Impact engages his genetic forefathers, occupying them long enough for the ship to collide with the atmosphere, throwing it off course and crashing into the ocean. His sacrifice saves an untold millions of people. After the team returns home, they decide to stay together to not only honor Impact's memory, but to make sure there is no more attempts of destruction.

General Info

Impact was a sci-fi and bad horror movie fanatic. He loved staying up till 4 in the morning watching the worst horror movie he could find. During one battle against robotic foes, he got in an argument with Stryker trying to find out who was Han Solo and who was Chewbacca. He remarked as the enemies rushed toward him, "Uh-oh, Imperial Storm Troopers".

Powers and Abilities

Due to his father injecting him with a serum while under the influence of an alien presence, Impact is approximately 9 feet tall and weighs 950 pounds. His body is covered in cybernetic metal bands making him nearly invulnerable. He also has super-strength, easily able to lift in excess of a few tons.

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